Tuesday, February 01, 2011

10km out and back - railway reserve

What a horrid and weird walk. I was just to do 10km...no expectations - no pace...just do the distance.

I got home from work at 1.30 so I had something to eat then with the plan of going out for my walk at 5pm. It was about 2pm when my daughter who has moved to Cairns contacted me to let me know that the flat she lives in has been evacuated, that it is now in the danger zone and that she and her boyfriend were going to go to the Table Lands with her other flat mates. It was a safe area - about 100km in land to where they live. She was trying hard to remain calm but I know my daughter and she was really scared. They had gone out to get supplies and had to wait for over an hour in ques and the traffic heading out of town was crawling. I am actually more worried about their trip to the table lands at this stage. So I checked out some weather sites and some of the bulletins - and instantly wished I hadnt. This Cyclone Yassa is going to be as big or bigger than Katrina that hit the USA. It is certainly the biggest cyclone to ever hit Australia. I am kind of relieved that she has left with her flat mates and wont be alone.

So when I headed out for my walk - my mind was else where and I was not really paying full attention to myself or my style. At 2.5 km after coming down the hill pretty quickly my right knee started hurting - A LOT!! to the point that I was limping while trying to walk.....I slowed the pace and thought it might be a spasm and walk through it.....it went at the 7km mark, just in time for the hills back to home.....nice! I racewalked about half way up but the pressure to lock my knee was starting to hurt it again so I just power walked the last 200m up.

So I did the very slow time of 1:04 and now have a rather sore knee to contend with . Ice and heat packs are in order and I think I will rub some volarain in too. My knee now hurts when I bend the leg (heel to touch hamstring) and when I lock it. Rather annoyed at my self over this.....but it was a catch 22....I had to do the 10km today!

10km out and back - railway reserve

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