Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5km series - Churchill Ave

I am now on 2 weeks x-training to rest and recover before starting my training for Sacramento in July. So on Tuesday I decided to start up my gym training again.

So out to the garage I went armed with a list of "BEST BUTT" exercises and a short leg and shoulder work out. I had decided to start off nice and light and only do 2 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. So after 3 diff butt and lunges, then leg ext, leg curl, calf raise, lateral raises and shoulder press....I was done and my legs were feeling very pumped. Well I woke up today and my legs were so SORE!!! its a good sore but gosh...I had forgotten what it feels like. As the day progressed my legs didnt ease up much and I have the 5km to walk tonight.

I got out to Richmond and met up with Pete. He was also still feeling pretty stiff after Buller so I said I would walk with him......he joked about using his zimmer frame tonight so it would be slow. Well the 1st km was as we started at the back of all the walkers and just slowly ambled along. We chatted away for the next two km and encouraged any walkers that we passed along the way. At 3km mark the up hill parts hit and we dropped to just a power walk with both of us groaning about how sore our legs were....we really did sound like a couple of 90 year olds. Up a head of us was a rec walker and he was really moving it much so that we both questioned his style. Anyhow at 3.5km Pete turns to me and says "go on...go get him"..... with 500m of up and down I headed off .. not really expecting to be able to pick up the pace too much but I quickly pulled away from Pete and made some ground on the rec walker. On this course the 4km marker signals the down hill stretch.....its a fast 1km down to the finish. I set off and pushed my sore tired legs to chase after him. No matter how fast I was going.....he was still out front of me. Infact ... I didnt gain on him at all..........................hmmmmmmm and my last km was done in 5:15!!!!!

So needless to say, my legs are really sore now .. hahahaha.... I will have trouble getting up the stairs at work for my coffee.

In total the 5km was done in 30:45

5km series - Churchill Ave


Tammy said...

5:15!?!?!?! WOW! Downhill, but still...smokin' fast! Can't believe you did such a fast one so close to Buller. Sounds like you are having fun with the weights though :).

Nyle said...

I had forgotten how good it feels to do weights....I had also forgotten how long your muscles hurt for after a session lol.

1 more week of doing what I want and then its full on training for Sac....Yay!