Friday, February 04, 2011

3, 2, 1,1,500 & 500 track session

Its hot......its DAMN HOT.......Nelson is in a bit of a heat wave with the foehn winds that have hit us.  Our afternoon temperature just shoots up so quick.  Today it went from 22 to 32 in over an hour.  Today would have to be one of our hottest days and I am down at the track belted out my speed workout.

At the track they are finally working of the new pavilion so its a full on construction zone down there so I was the top entertainment for about 30 guys.  So with trucks rumbling past me and lots of dust I started out on this work out.  I still have a very full tummy from an early brunch and I do think this hindered me a lot.

It was so hot out on the track .. but I do need to get used to this.  I would guess that it will be like this at Sacramento and so I need to get used to training in it.  I was breathing hard and was feeling very out of shape.  Its only been two days??? what is going on.

My 2km started going even pace was just slowling winding down.  I was tired and hot and just unable to pick it up.  I must admit I was so pleased when I started the 1km reps as they are only 2.5laps and much easier.  I was starting to feel sick so I made sure I had more to drink between sets.  By now some of the guys were starting to call out as I would go past....."too hot for that" or "that looks bloody hard"  I would nod or smile and carry on.  The real struggle came when I was to do the 500m, I started getting spots in front of my eye and my vison started to "swim"....I pushed through and was so relieved when it was over.  This is not one of my fav workouts.

3km track         - 16:53    avg h/r 159
2km track      - 11:49  avg h/r 163
1km track      - 5:47    avg h/r 162
1km track      - 5:51    avg h/r 159
500m track   - 2:49   avg h/r 160
500m track   - 2:46   avg h/r 154

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Tammy said...

You did a great job at that workout, esp in that heat. I would be VERY pleased w/those times myself, so pat yourself on the back and smile :). I bet Jim was happy with it!!!!! And your HR is so low ... but maybe your max HR is less than mine? Anyway, good job!