Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5km series - out and back

What a couple of days.

I have sat glued to the TV watching the tragic events unfold in front of me about the massive earthquake in Christchurch. It saddens me and upsets me to watch, but I cant bear to look away for fear of missing something.....a rescue or some other heart warming story. Sadly the death toll is rising and there seems to be more sad stories now and so I think I need to change channels.

So I was really pleased to head out and do this walk. I am having a two week break but to be honest....I am over it. I love to walk and feel yuck when I don't. Yes I have been doing some x training....but it doesn't excite me the same so I have been pretty lazy about it all.

Tonight was an out and back - up over the switch back hills. I quite enjoy this walk. The switch backs are two hump hills.....we hit them at the 2km mark with the turn at the base of the 2nd hump. I dont race walk up these and tonight I didn't even power walk.......just walked fast-ish.

I felt great tonight. A little tired with lack of sleep from the night before but body felt good. I have only had two walks since Buller and so was surprised at how good my legs felt. when I turned at the cone marking 2.5km it was 14:40mins.......awesome........feels like it might be a sub 30min time. My best time to date on this course is 29:51

tonight I did it in 28:47!!! yay ...... I am rapt!

Bring on the new program......

5km series - out and back


Tammy said...

I've been thinking of you and all New Zealanders in this tragic time. I hope you didn't know anyone who was hurt :(.

And WOW what a fast time for not even working that hard at one point. You are going to do a sub-28 5K very very soon I predict!

malvs2walk said...

I am still shocked and saddened about the terrible situation in ChristChurch. I hope your family and friends are all ok.

as for the walk... Amazing time! Goes to show you that rest is as important as intensive training!