Sunday, February 06, 2011

8km Fartlek - Atawhai

Ok....we are in the middle of a heat wave....I kid you not!!!!

With Timaru (near the bottom of the south island) recording 40degs, Christchurch recording 38degs and Nelson 30degs (34 on our deck!!!) and what breeze there was .... was HOT!!!! They say its from fauhn wind and the cyclone yassi. I sat at home and silently implored my coach to say.....dont do it today....but I knew he wouldn't. Today was my last hard work out before Buller and most important that it be done today.

One of my wise friends reminded me that Sacramento will be approx 30degs and that I really should be out training in the heat of the day while I can seeing as I will be going from our winter to their summer. So I waited till it was later in the evening hoping that the temp would did but not by much. As it was only 8km I stupidly decided not to wear my waist camel pack. (it annoys the hell outta me BUT in hindsite....bla bla bla!!!!)

I started out at a good pace and felt good and strong. It was very hot and the air felt thick and sticky. I was breathing hard when I slowed for my first slow 500m and was having trouble recovering. I stepped it up for the next 500m and again it didnt take long before I was gasping for air. It was so dry that my throat was hurting from sucking back hot air. For the next slow 500m I slowed to a normal walk for a moment to catch my breath...I got back under control and carried on. By the time I hit the 3.5km mark I knew I was in trouble. I turned at the 4km which put me directly into the sun and I felt the heat on my face instantly. I started looking up driveways for taps or anyone to be out side so I could ask for water. 4.5km as I started the next fast 500m I stumbled and I felt my legs buckle, I thought I was going to fall. I righted myself and pushed to carry on but my eye sight had gone black...I just couldn't see anything. I knew I was near some small bushes so I hit stop and stopped fast. My vision came right but was sort of pulsing and all blurry. I stayed by the small bush for the shade for a moment. I knew I needed water and badly. I have never suffered the effects of dehydration before but I have heard enough from others to know that I was going to need water or I would be in trouble.

I had hoped my friend was home but as I went past her house the gates were locked and the car gone. I was starting to look out for puddles ... just anything. I would have run across the main road to the sea but the tide was out!!! All I could do was push for home and get it over with. I started up again and pushed for the fast 500m but I had given up caring about how slow the recovery's were. I had hoped to be under 6min kms for the whole thing but sadly that was not to be tonight. It is pretty rare that my heart rates hits up around the 170s but tonight it did.

So 8km was done in 48:53 probably not the time my coach was hoping for ... I know I was hoping for more but with the conditions ... I am happy with it.... I am happy I actually completed it!

8km Fartlek - Atawhai

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