Monday, February 07, 2011

10km out and back - railway reserve

My last long walk before the Buller Half Marathon this weekend.

10km - My coach told me to just go out and walk tonight ... just cruise. After such a hard walk last night I was expecting it to be a real slog.

The weather was nearly the opposite of last night. It was still muggy and about 23 degs but it was overcast and was going to rain at any it was very humid.

I switched my music on and started up the reserve. Its got a pretty good gain in height for the kilometre of walkway from home and I normally do it in anywhere between 6.25 (pushing hard) or 6:50 (taking it easy) First thing I noticed was how good I felt and I had a good rhythm going..........must have been the yummy whole grain sandwich for morning tea and the choc chip muffin (was told to start carbo loading...hehehehe) but I did the first km in 6:32. I decided then I was not going to look at my watch again and was just going to enjoy this walk and not go to nuts over times and pace etc.

I turned at the 5km mark and noted that there was a slight head wind (probably why I felt soo good coming up the walk way) but I kept to the pace I was going and just enjoyed the walk. I slowed my pace up the hill near home but decided to keep r/w rather than power was slower but it still felt fact its the first time in days that my legs have felt strong and I had a good amount of energy. My breathing was never hard and I knew I had alot more there if I had wanted to push.

The rain started just as I hit the walk way 1 km from home. It felt sooooooo was really warm rain and I almost carried on for extra km as I was enjoying it soo much.

I was quite surprised that my time was 1:02:29 with avg heart rate of143

10km out and back - railway reserve

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