Saturday, February 26, 2011

6km Pub run - Whakatu - cleaveland tce

My official training starts I thought I would do the pub run and have some fun.

By the time it was 3.30pm it was just starting to drizzle ... it was still warm but I chose to wear a long sleeve top in case it rained harder.

There was not as many today. Lots of people have gone to Christchurch to check on family or lend a hand...or they had people from Christchurch staying.

Tonight's course I have not done before and I was not sure where I was going. About 3 of us walked together for the first 3km and each corner we were not sure about some one would tell us ....go left....or go right..... and off we would go again. Weaving up to the Maitai Valley and then off road following the cycle track around the river. Wendy and I walked side by side chatting away as Yvonne jogged ahead of us. The rain had held off and we were all regretting wearing warm tops. At the 3km mark we turned away from the river and started the climb up Cleaveland Tce. I slowed to a power walk and told Wendy to head lunch was starting to make an unwelcome return. I slowly chugged my way up and over Cleaverland Tce and then slowly picked my way down the slippery road.

Once back on the flat again I was not quite sure where I was to go and Wendy was just far enough in front now that as I would turn into a street she would also turn out of it so I never saw which way she went. So a couple of times I slowed down for the walker behind me - Ross - to pop into view and wait for his signal of which way to go....makes for a fun walk lol. Finally I spotted the right roads and I was away again.

Finishing the pub run in 36:10 for 5.78km

6km Pub run - Whakatu - cleaveland tce

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