Monday, April 18, 2011

10km out and back atawhai 10min

Todays walk ended up 27 seconds slower than last week but I did have a pretty strong head wind to punch back into .... so in truth I am happy with it.

I was meant to have done 2 x 10min bursts of race pace.......and I guess its sort of meant to be done with one in the first 5km and the second in the last 5km soon as I started out I knew that there was little chance that I could walk at 5:50 pace on the way home. So I figured it was better to do both in the first coach might disagree with that but its done now.

We had a good dumping of snow up on the outter ranges and so with the wind today there was a good wind chill in the air, so I decided to wear my long skin pants and a long sleeve top. Within the first 2km it was the wrong thing and I was over heating. I got to the 5km turn point and stopped briefly to take my top off and wrap it around my waist. I noted it was 29:27 for the 5km.......nice.....I had enjoyed a nice tail wind on the way out and now knew I was faced with punching into it all the way home. UGH!!!

I tried hard to keep up my pace but it was all I could do to maintain 6km pace. I still managed to get back for a total time of 59:45 avg heart rate is 144

10km out and back atawhai 10min

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