Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3km, 2km & 4 x 500m

I must have been going fast as I was sure fast driving home........or so the police officer told when he pulled me over and gave me a ticket for $120!!!!!!!!!! going 66km/hr in a 50km zone............BUMMER!

This was a tough session.  After having the stomach issues on my 10km walk I discussed what I should do with my coach and he suggested I swap my 12km kick down for this track session.  Both of them were going to be tough but I liked the fact that I get to stop after 3km for a moment and also if I was to end up in pain again, my car was right there and I could just leave.

I got to the track and all the construction workers were all there again...more this time!! but the roof is on the stadium and the track now has a fence around it.  But lanes 1 & 2 had been blocked off, they had pulled the rails out over the track and locked them........................lucky for me I have the master key!!!!  so I walked around the track and unlocked each of the 8 rails that protrude out over lanes 1 & 2.  Sneaky ay...lol

So after a couple of laps to warm up I decided to just get on with it.  First thing I did was as I passed over my 1st km I hit stop not lap....doh!....so I waited until I had completed a full lap before hitting start again.  So my first 3km is separate (below) so that I could still work out what time I completed the 3km in - as I can use the time I started and stopped to work it out, plus I was doing an avg of 2:10 per lap.  The first 3km went well and I was not too tired and had not pushed too hard.  I took a 3min rest (this is on the second lot of data and is how I started it)  I couldnt remember if I was to have a 3min rest or 4min rest.....but after 3mins I was feeling ok so started in on the 2km.

The first half of this I felt great and the pace was nice and strong...again not pushing too hard....but it didnt take long til I was starting to feel tired and the last km on this set I was working hard to keep a steady pace going.

Now I just had the 4 x 500m.......I can never work out where the 500m marks are on our track...there are so many different coloured lines and marks around the curves that I usually end up guessing....so who knows...one may have been 10m short and another 10m longer??? lol  But by the 2nd one of these I was really feeling it.  I was tired.  My legs were dead and I was struggling.

All in all I am really pleased with my times.  They are nothing earth shattering but they are good for me.

I have worked out the times and will list them below as the watch data is a bit odd to figure out.  (NOTE: now that I am home I see that my recoveries were too short.)

3km = 16:24  (5:25, 5:27, 5:32)
3 min recovery  (should have been 4 mins)
2km = 11:01 (5:26, 5:35)
2 min recovery (should have been 3 mins)
500m - 2:39
1 min recovery (should have been 2 mins)
500m - 2:42
1 min recovery (should have been 2 mins)
500m - 2:40
1 min recovery (should have been 2 mins)
500m - 2:46

My heart rate sat around the 160 mark for most of the fast stuff and dropped pretty quickly between each rest.

2km & 4 x 500m

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Tammy said...

Very nice workout! Your 3K and 2K were quite fast, and I'm impressed!!!!! I'm usually happy with 11:30s for the 2K lol!

Sorry about the ticket though...I got one a month ago for going 43 in a 30 mph zone (i had no idea what the speed limit was and wasn't paying attention...grrrrrr!). So, so irritating :(.