Sunday, April 03, 2011

20km out and back - monaco

Yesterday I had a short gym workout - I learned from my last one so kept it simple this time.
I did one leg deadlifts, air squats, hip hikes, glute press, leg raises, curls, tricep kickbacks and lateral raises.

Then we decided to have a naughty tea and ordered fish n chips.........neither of us expecting it to be as huge as it was. Our two bits of fish each filled our plates, they were HUGE!!! but very yummy. (I ended up pulling most of the batter off mine as it was a little too greasy for me) It was pretty much the equivalent of all the food I had eaten in the last week. But I managed to eat it all like a greedy little gannet that I man was I FULL after.....lucky I had my stretchy fat pants on ...hahahaha

So I woke this morning feeling slightly out of sorts. It was the end of daylight savings so our clocks went back an hour. I got up and decided to make a really strong half cup coffee to drink before going out. (Not something that I have ever done but hubby suggested it) Well, I dont know if it was the coffee......the extra fat from tea or the couple of kg's lost during the week............but my walk felt GREAT!!!! and its not very often you will hear anyone saying they enjoyed a 20km walk.

I was a little worried about my left foot. My Peroneal Tendon is hurting again, and I was massaging it last night to try to ease the pain in my foot. When I started out it did hurt for the first 3km and then after that if just felt hot...but not sore. My coach had asked that I use my heart rate as my pace guide and that in the mid 140's would be a really good spot. This was easier said than done. I got into a nice rhythm that felt good and figured that I would stick with it but my heart rate was too low (then I realised I was on the slight down hill) so I kept going but then it went too high. In the end I figured if I am feeling good and strong, I am not breathing hard and the heart rate was showing I decided to stick with what I was doing.

I stopped at each 5km to take a drink which I was had tucked in my back pocket, but I cant drink from the bottle on the move, more of it ends up my nose!! When I turned at the 10km and was heading for home, I was thinking how good this was feeling. I was thinking that had this walk been totally on the flat I probably could have ended up with a close 2hour training walk. I am now feeling much more confident that I will get my sub 2 hour this year!!

I really hope its when I am in Melbourne as I will be racing on my Dad's birthday and he will be there to see me race for the first time. It would be totally awesome to podium finish in this race but more important to me is to get that sub 2 hour.

So even with coming back up Beatson Road and over the over pass I did a really good time of 2:03:54 with an avg heart rate of 145.

So I am very rapt with that but am currently sitting with ice on my foot. Now that the walk is over my foot is throbbing! Might need hubby to get his thumbs into my calf later.

20km out and back

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Sarah said...

Wow! That's a great time with your heart rate averaging at 145 - that's so low! You're on par for a sub-2:00 for sure! And I can't wait to hear about it!