Sunday, April 17, 2011

NZ Masters Uniform

I have had a few people ask me what the NZ Masters uniform looks like.  So I dug it out and got a couple of shots taken.

On viewing these....gosh I really need to get some sun on my tummy!!!!!  and I actually post this.....but until now I would never ever dared to bare my tummy but after loosing a couple more kgs I am very very slowly warming to the idea.

I like the little crop top (I wore this in Townsville for the Oceania Masters - only cause no one knew me so I didn't care what they thought) but if it is likely to get very warm in Sacramento then it would be better for me to wear the crop top.

So as promised here are the photos of my NZ Masters uniform choices.

This has NEW ZEALAND in white across the back.

there is a small silver fern on the shoulder strap on the left.  


Tammy said...

I like it! Haha my whole body is whiter than your stomach, and I don't care lol! Anyway, I personally like the singlet better, but that's because I don't do crop tops - too much extra skin on my stomach from the weight loss. It jiggles like Jell-O and looks funny!

I should post pics of my uniform when the exchanged top comes back.

malvs2walk said...

You look great no matter the choice of top!

Sarah said...

I love the silver - it looks very sporty and athletic. I also can't do crop tops. But hey, you can, so I say go for it!

Anthony said...

You sure look strong and fit, Nyle!