Thursday, April 28, 2011

40min eliptical

Its x-train day today, so I picked the elliptical. Its pretty mind numbing boring but at least its something. I did think about going out for a mountain bike but to be honest.......and this sound so precious.....but I dont want to risk an injury and it would be just my luck to fall off!!!!!

The funny thing about this is the distance my watch says I went. I hung my watch on the stationary part of the how I managed to walk .49 or a kilometre is beyond me lol

To keep me company, my hubby hopped on the treadmill beside me and walked too. He put a program on the tv in the wee room and we plugged away to that.

I set my program up to hills 1 and lifted up the resistance. I tried to keep the same step count even as it got harder as it climbed the hill but I couldnt get my heart rate up.

So for my 40mins I had an avg heart rate of 128

40min eliptical

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