Thursday, April 07, 2011

15km out and back - monaco

Was so not in the mood for my walk today. I knew I had to do it but mentally I would have been happier to curl up with a book.

It was overcast and I expected it to rain at any time. So I dug out my long compression pants and put my long sleeve top back on. It didnt take long before I was pretty toasty and started regretting putting the long pants on. The further out I got the better my mood started to be. It was a bit breezy around Manaco but I was pleased that my foot was not hurting and I was feeling pretty ok, body wise. I still felt like I was ticking along really slowly today and expected to be much slower than Tuesdays walk. So was pleasantly surprised when I was pretty much exactly the same time.

Total time 1:34:00 avg pace 6:16 avg heart rate 141

15km out and back - monaco

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