Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 x 800m track

Its a yucky day. We had a good storm come through last night, gale force winds but no rain. It was pretty nippy this morning and my fingers just couldnt get warm. I got home from work and decided to suck it up and head to the track. The track is not protected from wind so I figured it was going to be a hard walk. As I figured the wind was coming across the track so the only place I got any gain was down on the home corner......GREAT.......

I did a few laps to warm up and after 5 mins I started to feel my fingers and toes. I kept my long sleeve on and decided to head into it.

My first 800m was great as there was a good lull in the wind and I got some good speed out. But the rest were more of a struggle as the wind really picked up. The best thing of this walk was the rain held off until I had got back to the car. The other good thing was no pain in my foot!!

so here are my 800's each with a 2mins recovery between them.

1st - 4:08
2nd - 4:13
3rd - 4:16
4th - 4:19
5th - 4:18

I feel pretty good about this walk. This is my quiet week and the lead up to the quarter marathon this Sunday.

5 x 800m track

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malvs2walk said...

good job, Woman! It's hard to walk into the wind!