Friday, April 22, 2011

5km Nelson Mail - Atawahi

I so wanted to do a good time today. Its my first chance of actually trying out race pace in a race rather than bursts or 1km reps on the track. Could I sustain a fast pace for more than 1 or 2 km.....I was not so sure.

Today I woke up and did all the things I normally do before a race. I had two bits of toast for breakfast and then made a good strong coffee about an hour before the race. I am not used of eating prior to racing and so even though this was a mid afternoon race, I choose not to eat again. If I was going to push hard that last thing I wanted was to start feeling sick part way through.

Turns out the 5km walkers were to start with the 10km runners at 3pm so I arrived early but it was nice to chat to everyone and to watch the 10km walkers head off. We lined up at 3pm and off we went. I trailed the 10km runners with one runner that sat behind me until I turned at the 2.5km. I train on this walkway most days so I know it well. The one section that I dont like is the 250m just prior to the turn and then back.....this is a section of road that is uneven, narrow footpath and an odd camber to the road.

I was breathing hard as I turned to head back. This was going to be the hard part as I had no runners to try and catch and no one chasing me from behind. So it was grit my teeth and hammer it home. I am trying hard not to look at my watch so I had no idea of my time at this stage, I had decided I wouldn't look until I had 1km to go. I would be so rapt if I managed a very low 28min. I crossed the road (thanks to the volunteers controlling the traffic) then I looked at my watch and quickly tried to add 6mins to the time.......yep I was on track for a 28......I dug deep and pushed hard. I was breathing hard and just starting to struggle, I crossed over the rail line and new it was only 300m to go. Today I found my top gear and hit it for the last 300m (I know this as for the last km my heart rate was over 170) As I came down to the finish I got the thumbs up from Pete who was time controller (he knew I wanted 28mins) I so hope I get a pb cool would that be. I crossed the line and stopped my watch ..... I had to look twice to check the time and even went back to Pete and asked what was the official was 1 sec different to mine.

It was a PB just over a minute!!!! I actually officially did 27:16 avg heart rate was 160......yep I was really giving it my all.

I am just so so rapt......thats my best every and I cant believe I finally got it!!!

5km Nelson Mail - Atawahi


Sarah said...

Congratulations on the huge PB, Nyle! See there you go - the 16K the other day meant nothing - just good extra time on your feet. You're really on a roll!

Tammy said...

Wow, Nyle. That is textbook perfect. Your splits are so consistent and you obviously gave it all at the end (HR nice & high). Beautiful race! I'm VERY happy for you!!! You must be still so excited!