Monday, January 31, 2011

10km kickdown - atawhai b

POX ON THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With wind warnings in force for the top of the South Island - people being told to not ride motor bikes or push bikes -here am I out there trying to do a kick down. Did that drip of enough irony?

Exert from The Stuff Site - News


Drivers and cyclists were asked to take extreme care today. Ferocious winds felled trees, ripped off roof iron, tore apart a hangar and cut power in the top of the South Island this morning as a severe wind warning was issued for much of the country.

In hindsight - I should have parked my car out at Atawhai and done the first 5km back into town....but wouldn't that have been cheating????

No, I start at my usual sport and head out towards Atawahi with a huge tail wind that just whisked me a long. I am not putting much effort into the walk as I am meant to start out moderate and go a little faster each 2.5km.... HA! that was not going to happen today. My first km was on the right time target but after that I was out into the wind and was doing 6min/km with little effort.....oh was I going to beat that when I turned at the 5km point.

I did try to pick up my pace on the way back. It doesnt show that in the pace but at least my heart rate went up so it can be seen that I was trying. I was breathing pretty hard and pushing hard into the wind, but many times it felt like I was moving but not going any was so strong. The last 2km were the worst, as I rounded the bend I knew that I would be directly head on to it. I went through a small sheltered area and my pace picked up and then I walked out from the trees and WHAM!!! I have to admit that there was some colourful language muttered at this stage that will not be repeated on here and I am thankful that there was no one around to hear it.....

So sadly my kickdown was done in reverse and my time was not that flash...I was hoping to do it in 60mins today......instead it was 62:18

Oh well there is always tomorrow - hmmmm more wind I bet!

10km kickdown - atawhai

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