Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5km Series - Washbourn Drive

Wow, its amazing what some food and water can do.

I was not sure if I was going to do this 5km tonight. I did not have the best 15km walk this morning and after talking to my coach I can now see why. NO food, Tired and NO water - no energy stores to drive from. So I figured I would just go out tonight and tick along with the walkers and have some fun.

Well it did start out that way. The first km was nice and easy as it was up hill but then we came out onto some nice long down hill sections and I just couldn't help myself and stretched out picking up the pace quite a bit.....which surprised me as I thought I would be dead on my feet. So I decided to just tick along at a pace that felt easy to me and was most surprised to finish the 5km race in 29:57

So I have now learnt that eating and drinking water before working out is very important and that you should not jump out of bed and head straight out for a walk.

5km Series - Washbourn Drive

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