Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5km series - St James

My legs were still feeling a little stiff and sore from my walk up the hills but I was looking forward to doing the 5km tonight. It was meant to be the stairs course and I was going to just cruise.

I had my first day of work at my new job today and it was really fun. It will be a very easy job to do and I will soon be seeking further employment to boost my income.

It was such a nice warm day today and I had finished work early so I was ready to have a nice walk. I got out to richmond and found out that it was St James....this is actaully a fairly flat course with just a small sharp rise at the end. I have only done this course once before so was not really sure where I was going. Wendy and Pete were not there tonight so I had no one to follow or call back to if I got lost.

We started out and with in 500m my legs were feeling really good and I was comfortably ticking along feeling good. I didnt feel like I was going all that quick and my breathing was steady. I had forgotten to change my watch from 500m laps so it was bleeping every 500m so I didnt bother checking it until about 3km and was really surprised to see it was under around the 4km mark I slowed down a little as I was unsure of what direction to head and had to look out for where the cones were placed up the street. I new we went up and through the church grounds but was not sure of which way around the church we went so I picked my way and eventually saw the cone and headed off towards it. Once back out on the street again I quickly got my bearings and then the runners started going past so I was able to pick up and follow after them.

I was really surprised to cross the line in 29:14

so it was another great walk............those fartleks must really set your muscles up for a great time.

5km series - St James

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