Monday, January 17, 2011

3km, 2km, 2km, 1km, 500m & 500m at the track

Today I had to do a really tough track session.  I was not looking forward to this one as it was 9km in total and today was meant to be one of our hottest days.  At 9am it was already 23deg .... I got to the track at 10am and the huge sprinklers were going in the middle of the track...oh they were inviting.  I have no idea of what the temp was at the track but the air was so hot it was hard to breath and the bottoms of my feet got so hot.

I did a couple of laps to warm up and then quickly ran through the sprinklers.  I stood at the start line for about 30secs......just mentally trying to get into the mode and to will myself to do this.  I hit start and off I went, I was not pushing too hard this time as I new I had alot more reps to do this week and didnt want to bomb out after the first 3km.  But the time I came round to finish my 3km I was starting to struggle.  My head was throbbing, my legs had nothing in them and I was getting camp in my calfs and thighs.  I figured I was getting dehydrated so when I finished the last lap.  I went and stood in the big sprinklers and had a good drink from my water bottle that I actually remembered to bring.
3km track 1st rep  - 17:13 is an ok time....nothing to flash.

Now for then next set...2km..... I had my 4min recovery and went back out.  I bombed.....I was going slower and slower per lap and really struggled to keep pushing.  I was very aware that I still had another 2km to go so didn't try too hard to push for a good time.
2km track 2nd rep   - 12:01 not so flash.....only just 6min/km

Now for my 2nd 2km set....this was getting ugly.
I was really struggling to keep my legs was hot, really hot and the sprinklers had just been turned off so I now didnt have the light relief of getting a small shower from them as I walked past.  At one point I almost stopped as my head was hurting really bad and I went really light headed at one point and felt a bit faint.  When I finish the last lap I stopped and took a longer drink and found a small patch of shade to stand in which helped.
2km track 3rd rep  - 12:06  .... oh dear, getting slower.

This lap was the 1km lap.  I started out and tried so hard to push for a faster lap, but I was pretty much spent.  My first 400m was a little quicker which did help give me a faster 1km time but I couldnt have held that pace for much longer.
1km track 4th rep

It was getting hotter and hotter and I still had two more reps left to do.....only small ones but still it was hard to get back out on the track and leave the shade.
500m - I did try a little hard to push through for this one but there really was nothing left.
500m 5th rep

LAST ONE............oh thank goodness
My last 500m rep and it was so hard to get my legs going.  But I pushed through and figured that if this was a race you cant just stop and take a break, you have to push through it and keep going.
500m 6th rep - 2:49

So in total I did 9km in 52:46..................hmmmm thats actually not too bad!! 

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Tammy said...

that is really good for such a HOT day. :)