Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bush Walk & 6km fartlek - Atawahi

Sunday - It was an awesome day and rather than sit around the house I suggested to Shane that we go out and doing something together. It was a day off for me from training so I thought why not go for a nice stroll. I remembered we mountain biked up to the Maitai Caves once and it was such a lovely spot I suggested we walk it.

It was a great day - it took 3 hours to walk up and back and we stopped lots at different streams and played around on the rocks like kids. What I couldnt believe was how sore I was when we got home. My knees were aching and the backs of my legs were just throbbing!!! Poor Shane was just as bad...he found it very amusing that the big walker was so sore for a stroll. hahaha

Monday - I was meant to do a 10km fartlek. I woke up with very stiff and sore legs and thought this is going to be a bit of a strugle. So I had a good breakfast and waited for a couple of hours and headed out to Atawahi were the the walkway is relatively flat and smooth. I started out ok and moved into my stride slowly. By the first 500m fast I was feeling good and thought that this one might actually go under 60mins for 10km. As I started on the second 500m I rounded the bend and saw signs up say track closed- there were road works and pot holes. Bugger...so I tried to pick my way through it all but by the time I got to the 3km mark I turned back as there was no way past. So I picked my way back through the muck and started up again. My fast 500m's were ok but still felt pretty tough. I could feel my legs getting stiffer and stiffer and by now they were starting to hurt a little. I did 5km in 30:04 and I was pleased with that. I had one last 500m to go and I picked up the pace for it, half way into it and I could feel my knee starting to hurt more, I eased up a little and it went away. 150m to go so I pushed again but my knee hurt more......in the last few strides I had sharp pains coming from the side of my left knee so I am pleased I got turned back as it would have been a long way to walk back with a sore knee.

All in all though my coach was pleased with my splits - stating that my fast 500m's were good. So I am icing and looking after my knee today and will see how it is tomorrow for the 5km series.

so 6km done in 36:07

6km fartlek - Atawahi

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Anthony said...

Forest walk... Maitai Caves...

That's my kind of place. And my kind of walk.