Wednesday, January 12, 2011

5km series - Hart Road

Sadly it was our last 5km walk with Stephen. He leaves on Friday to move back to Dunedin. He will leave a huge hole in our race-walking group. He has been my coach, my mentor and my friend and he will be missed.

Our 5km tonight was Hart Road, this is a hilly start and then evens out for a nice down hill and then back to the start again. I walked with Pete and Stephen but as per normal ... we started at the back of the group and slowly weaved out way through everyone with the guise of "we are taking it easy tonight" ... we never do. First 2km was done in 14mins.....7min kms - yep thats nice and easy. But at the 2.5km mark Stephen had moved off a head of Pete and I and had caught up to another walker ahead of us..... Pete looked at me, raised an eyebrow and next thing we had picked up the pace and was flat out after took about 1km to catch them. When we caught up to them Stephen powered off and Pete and I took chase. Dropping the pace down to 5.40/km I felt legs responded and I took off after Stephen leaving Pete behind me. I didn't catch Stephen and crossed the 5km in 31:01 which is still very slow but considering our 2km mark was at 14mins...we had picked it up lots!

After the race we all meet and chat, work out our next meeting at the track etc. With Buller only 4 weeks away everyone is asking who is doing it. For the life of me I don't understand why people wont say that they are doing a race. It is obvious that they are...why would they be doing all the long distance training, so whats with the lies? When asked out right you get "oh I don't know...still haven't decided....not sure.....thinking about it...."................. come on....they know full well if they are doing it or not. Even those that know them join in with the same game when even they know full well that they will be racing. I am over it to be honest.

I am entering Buller!

5km series - Hart Road

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